Mr V. Vathanan     MBBS, MS, MRCOG, DFSRH, PG Dip USS
Consultant in Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy
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  07480 620214


1. Gynaecology

Mr Vathanan specialises in the investigation and management of all benign gynaecological conditions including menstrual problems (heavy, irregular, painful periods and post-menopausal bleeding), chronic and acute pelvic pain, endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease, utero vaginal prolapse, contraceptive / hormone replacement advice, ovarian cancer screening, well women check-ups and a range of various other conditions. He has special interest in chronic / acute pelvic pain, endometriosis and reproductive surgery.


1. Laparoscopic Surgery (Key Hole surgery)

Due to his advanced minimal access surgical training and experience, Mr Vathanan aims to perform most of the surgeries via key hole approach (Laparoscopy). This cosmetically appealing approach involves 2 or 3 small scars (5-10mm) in your tummy. He performs major surgeries including hysterectomy, removal of ovarian cyst, removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes, removal of ectopic pregnancy, treatment of endometriosis, removal of scar tissue (adhesiolysis), diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain, dye test for tubal patency and many other procedures via key hole. This approach leads to shorter hospital stay, lesser abdominal pain, faster recovery and faster return to normality, along with very small scar in the tummy.

2. Hysteroscopic Surgery (telescope of inside of the womb)

This involves passing a small camera into the womb to perform surgical procedures. As the camera passes through the neck of the womb, there will not be any scar in your tummy. He uses this approach to remove fibroids, polyps, septum, scar tissue and to investigate for irregular bleeding / periods and post-menopausal bleeding. He also performs ablation of the endometrium (endometrial ablation) to treat heavy periods. Even though hysteroscopy can be used to take biopsy from the lining of the womb to rule out malignancy, he performs most of the biopsies in the clinic (without any anaesthesia) with a small plastic tube (pipelle) to provide a one stop service.

3. Open Surgery

This is the traditional surgical approach through opening of the tummy. This approach is used for larger fibroid uterus and large ovarian cysts.

4. Vaginal Surgery

This is surgery via vaginal route. There is no scar in your tummy as the surgery is performed vaginally. Vaginal hysterectomy, bladder /rectal prolapse repair, pelvic prolapse surgery and neck of the womb (cervix) surgeries are performed via this route.

5. Gynaecology Ultrasound (including 3D Ultrasound scanning)

Mr Vathanan uses ultrasound scan to assess pelvis for uterine, endometrial, fallopian tubal, ovarian abnormalities and assesses uterine anomalies for recurrent miscarriage and fertility. He also uses ultrasound scan in the assessment of menstrual problems and ovarian cancer screening. Pelvic ultrasound scan can be performed abdominally or vaginally depending on the nature of the condition.


2. Pregnancy

Mr Vathanan has special interest in the investigation and management of early pregnancy conditions. He runs a dedicated early pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage clinic at The Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead ( His expertise includes: