We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for all the support you have provided to us on our journey to being able to welcome our daughter in the world. You’ve addressed our fears and concerns with compassion and kindness, and when things grew more challenging , continued to take care of us and ensured we were able to hold our little girl.


We wanted to express how grateful we are for your care during our pregnancy and delivering and looking after me. Our whole experience was made so much easier because of you – you are a wonderful Dr


You are one humble cool-down to earth superhero. How can I thank you? for your kindness – support- for restoring my faith in humanity. I feel like after a few years of hardship with my mum, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am so grateful. I don’t know if you believe in God, but myself and my family will always have you in our prayers.


Just a note to say thank you so much for the care and support you have given us over the past five months. It has not been an easy time, but we have always felt reassured by your advice, and that we have been in the best possible hands.


Wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done. Firstly after a whole year of my ups and downs not knowing what was wrong with me, you were the 1st doctor to tell me exactly what was wrong and what was needed to be done. Thank you for doing my operation, for all the care and support you and your team gave!


I’d just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care and support Dr Vathanan has provided throughout the past 3 years. We successfully had our beautiful baby girl after two late miscarriages and it is truly all down to Dr Vathanan. Thank you


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking after me and being supportive. You were tremendous help throughout with my care.


We are forever indebted to you for all your help and support. You are an amazing consultant and the only reason we returned to … hospital. You went above and beyond for us and were so understanding of my anxiety. I can only describe you as our guardian angel. I tell everyone around me about how wonderful you are and we can not thank you enough for helping us bring our daughter safely in to this world. Thank you so much for everything.


We can not thank you enough for all you did to help us have our little baby. He is such a precious gift and we couldn’t have had him without your help and support


Early pregnancy path wasn’t an easy one for us but with all your guidance, help and advice we finally got the family we so desperately wanted. Thank you.


We can’t put in to words how grateful we are to you and your team for guiding us through our 2nd pregnancy. Thank you for holding our hands through all our doubts and fears! We are so happy our family is now complete! Forever grateful and thankful to you.


Thank you so much for your excellent care and treatment I received at your clinic. It feels so good to no longer think of complications that would have occurred during and after surgery. We are so blessed to have you.


Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job with my surgery, I’ll be forever grateful! God richly bless you!


We just wanted to say a BIG Thank You! You helped us to have a baby in a year for which I was trying for 14 years. You don’t realise what this has meant for us. Sometimes you have people who walk in to your life and change it forever! You will always be in our and S’s life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Thank you so very much for all your personal care, advice and expertise both whilst we were pregnant and bringing E into the world. I have worried constantly about losing E but have felt in such good hands with you. I know we did not have to worry at all about her birth as you were at the helm and that is priceless. Your constant smile, humour and gentleness as a consultant has made me feel so at ease with you and J is right “ you are the best in the business! No words can thank you enough for bringing our little E safely into our world. You can barely see the scar already only seven day after, you are amazing!


Words cannot express how thankful we are for everything you did in order for us to have our baby. You showed compassion and went above and beyond the call of duty in my care. You are a complete professional and an expert in your field, but more than this you showed that you really cared. This put me at complete ease under your care and I knew every decision you made or piece of advice you gave was in my best interest. Keep up your excellent work and never lose your caring touch. You are a very special person. People like you make a difference to the world. Never forget how valued you are. We are forever grateful that God brought you into our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


We wanted to say thank-you. A simple Thank-you doesn’t actually cut it to be honest as there are no words I can use to show my gratitude to you for helping us at a very hard time AND helping us to realise our miracle baby O. Thank you for being the calm in our storm, we will never be able to thank you enough.


Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor and taking such great care of me. It’s rare to find someone with such exceptional bedside manner.


I want to say a very big thank you for everything you and your team have done for me over the last couple of years. You have been a massive support and I couldn’t got this far without your you.


Mr Vathanan has been kindly looking after us whilst being treated at Wexham for recurrent miscarriage. We just wanted to say thank you so much – we had our miracle baby. This is all down to Mr Vathanan and his knowledge and skill and we can’t thank him enough.


Thank you so much for all your support and care. I was very aware of the extra miles you went to call, scan and monitor me but also know how unusual it is for a consultant to make those extra calls. You are the best consultant by far I have dealt with!


Thank you for your compassion, help and reassurance as I embark on this exciting, but life changing journey in to parenthood. I cannot even begin to explain how much your kindness has meant to me.


I wanted to write to thank you for the care and skill that kept me safe. You demonstrated wonderful knowledge, skill, respect and most of all kindness in your care of me. I wish you every success in the future.


I would like to thank you for everything you did for me and my son. It was a very scary time for my partner and myself, you did everything you could to calm us down and reassure us. Not only did you help me with medication to conceive my son you were also at the birth which was very special for myself and M, we feel like you have done more than enough for us. You are a lovely man and I hope you continue to help women and babies. You are truly a very special person.


Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, we want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. You have made such a difference in our life and we will be forever grateful to you.


What you have done for us has changed our lives immeasurably as we now finally have our treasured son. We simply cannot thank you enough. The kindness you have shown over the last couple of years has been over and above the medical interventions required and has made the journey much easier.


Thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my surgery. Your patience and understanding before and after the operation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking care of me


I really appreciate all your help and care that you have surrounded me with in the past few weeks. Your wonderful attitude and support together with all the care from your fellow doctors and nurses has made that difficult time for me and my husband so much more bearable. Thank you again for all your help and I wish you the very best.